When it comes to drain problems, sometimes the source of the issue remains hidden from plain sight. That’s where our advanced drain camera inspection and cleaning services come in. Using cutting-edge technology, we can explore the depths of your drainage system, uncovering hidden blockages, damaged pipes, and other potential issues.

Our skilled technicians will carefully insert a drain camera into your pipes, providing real-time visuals of the internal condition. By identifying the precise location and nature of the problem, we can recommend the most effective solutions.

Following the inspection, we offer thorough drain cleaning services to clear out any debris, buildup, or obstructions. With our expertise and specialized tools, we’ll restore proper flow and prevent future drainage problems.

A Hydro jetter is a high powered water jet machine used to flush out drain lines that have a history of backing up. Often times grease and other debris get built up in our sewer lines and cause draining issues. A Hydro jetter can flush out the grease and debris and allow the drain to function properly.

Say goodbye to recurring clogs and mysterious drainage issues. Trust our drain camera inspection and cleaning services to provide a clear picture of your plumbing system’s health. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and ensure the optimal performance of your drains.

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T. BradyGilbert
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Highly recommend TCH Plumbing. Not only are they knowledgeable, professional, and timely, every service call we made has been handled with a personal care and concern for the needs of our family. I will call TCH Plumbing every time I need some help!
R. HanchettGilbert
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TCH Plumbing did an amazing job replacing our water heater. They quickly took my call, came to my home promptly, and replaced our water heater in a timely manner. The staff was friendly, and even answered all our questions about other plumbing questions we had unrelated to our repair! TCH Plumbing is the best!
Dr. N. YetterMesa/Queen Creek
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I have had TCH plumbing come to my offices on several occasions to address plumbing issues. They have always been prompt and professional and their work has been of high quality. I will use them for any future needs and would highly recommend them.

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